“We are not defined by our words, we are defined by our actions.”

I think we’ve all heard this quote in some way, shape, or form. Well, yesterday in the middle of getting frustrated at someone I thought just talked a lot but wasn’t bout’ nothing, God challenged me. How many of us criticize other people for saying all the right things and never following through, but we have that same attitude towards our relationship with Christ? I believe He wants to challenge us.  We call ourselves “Christians.” We say we love God. But do our lives reflect that? Sis, do you know what defines your life? Do you know what dictates the quality of life you’ll have, the state of your relationship with Christ, and ultimately whether or not you will enter Heaven? Your actions. Not the cute titles we may use, like “Christian” or “Believer”, not the “desires” you may express to be better, or the spiritual cliches you may post on the Gram. God could care less about those things if your lifestyle doesn’t reflect it. Every moment of every single day we have a choice when it comes to the actions we take…to choose God or choose the ways of the world. It’s the actions we take in the situations we face daily that “define” who we are. There’s no room for “shades of grey.

 “I know your works; that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish that you were either cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.” Revelations 3:15-16 (NASB)

The Lord says He knows our works… not our title, not our societal labels, not our dreams or our hopes. He looks at our works. And at the end of the day, our works [actions] are either those that obey God, that bear the fruit of salvation, or they are not. We’re either real or we’re fake based on the actions we take. So, what do your actions define you as? Can you be defined as a woman of God or a woman of the world? Think about every action you took today. Not what you may have thought, but how you acted. Not what you said you were going to do, but what you actually did.

In the quote, the word action[s] is plural. Is the sum of your actions one that defines the life of someone who walks with God daily or walks contrary to Him? If you’re like me and you find some actions that are contrary to the lifestyle God calls us to live, take them to Christ in prayer tonight, ask for forgiveness, repent, and seek wisdom in His Word about how to practically fix that issue you’re facing during your devotional time. One mistake does not define who you are, no matter how bad it was or how tough the consequences. And don’t let the enemy bully you into thinking otherwise. But, if you look at your daily actions, which in essence is your lifestyle, and it is consistently contrary to the will of God, be encouraged! You still have time! You’re still breathing, aren’t you? The beauty of having a relationship with Christ is that even when our actions are contrary to Him, He still loves us to the end of the Earth and back! He allowed Himself to be senselessly beaten and killed so that we could know the unconditional love He has for us and find a new way to approach the craziness of life. This love is what makes me want to be obedient; it makes me want to please Him, even when I mess up. It’s not about following the rules, its about feeding the relationship. He will develop this love and desire to please Him in your heart too, but you have to be real. He just wants us to be honest. Honest about the actions we’ve taken and the life we’re living. So, be real with yourself and God tonight. He loves you too much to see you define yourself as anything less than a Daughter of the Creator of the Universe…so don’t settle for any less. 


A little motivation?

“Are you cheating on your future HUSBAND with your boyfriend?”

The Purity Plan

So for the past 2yrs I have really struggled with God’s calling for us not to have sex before marriage…or most importantly live purely before God (not just in what we do with our bodies but with our minds and our words). While I always knew it was “wrong,” it wasn’t until recently that I realized how it grieves God to see His daughter defile their temples and it also KILLS our ability to minister effectively. (Peep Leviticus 11:44-45). Its so much more to my thought process on this topic which I’ll share later, but the purpose of this post is to share THE PLAN! I prayed and asked God to help me to devise a real life plan to help me achieve the goal of being sexually pure before marriage and this is what we came up with. We all recommit ourselves, buy the promise rings, tell God we won’t do it again (sex, impure thoughts, looking at pornography, etc.) …but after all that, myself and a few of my sisters found ourselves saying, “What now?” lol. So, if you are at that place where you are trying to protect your purity, download the document, or I can e-mail it to you, and try it out with me! My accountability partner and I are trying it and it’d be cool to have some other ladies join in too. Just click the link for the file… #TeamPurity

The Purity Plan

The Beginning….

“Lord, you have provided so much for me. As I drive out of this this place I saw the random rainbow you put in the clouds. It hasn’t even been raining, so I know this is a God Kiss! 🙂 I immediately thought of what you told Noah in Genesis when he saw the rainbow...“I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is a sign of my covenant with you and with all of the earth.” This has to be a sign of our New Covenant too…the New Covenant you have entered into with me. I love you so much…


This began my journal entry as I left New Orleans. As I rode over the bridge I drove over so many times. As I passed the exit that led to the church I fell in love with; passed the Superdome, the French Quarter, & that red “Falstaff” Apartments sign. For most people, those landmarks and thoughts of NOLA bring so much joy. But this experience wasn’t a pretty one. It was everything I didn’t think it would be lol.  It was hard, grueling, painful and at times even depressing. For me, living in NOLA was a humbling experience…a raging flood…a wildfire. But did you know wildfires fertilize the foundation for a new and even better forest to grow? And after the great flood God sent to destroy all living things on the earth, Noah, his family, and all of the animals were told to “be fruitful and multiply?” Their fresh foundation birthed this beautiful earth we live in! After that flood, God created the rainbow; the rainbow represented His covenant with us that He would never send a flood to destroy this earth ever again. There will be no more destruction. So, that’s where this blog comes in. At a new beginning. Under a “New Covenant” as a woman in Christ with a bare, but fertilized foundation…and I would love to take anyone else on this journey to forever with me. Anyone that is looking to start over with God…anyone that feels like they are in a hopeless situation…anyone that may currently be going through the fire and doesn’t think its worth it or it will ever end..or maybe your life has just started over in some way as well.

Under this New Covenant, I am excited because I’m learning that God will not leave me hanging. And He won’t leave you either. No matter what season you may be in He is waiting to begin again with you.  Ladies, we don’t have to do this ourselves. With Him, and with one another, we can do this thing! He is giving me so much wisdom, instruction, and insight and I plan to share it cause we all absolutely need it.  And I need you on this journey to live a life that is pleasing to God. I’ve been trying to do this on my own for too long, and God has laid this on my heart to be a help to someone else as He helps me. Today, too many of us (women) are competing against one another. Too many of us are disregarding and judging one another…when we need to help one another. We all need to make it to Heaven…the only place that matters. TOGETHER. And not just “make it”… God wants us to have lived the most fulfilled and beautiful life possible. Not one that leaves us lonely, miserable and isolated. So, I need you. I need you to keep me accountable. I need your prayers. Contrary to what the enemy tries to tell us, we are not in this fight as women, trying to live holy lives before God, alone. I pray you’ll come on this journey with me. I’ve never done this blogging stuff before, but I know what I struggle with and I know I’m hearing from God about ways to fight it all. I also know there are some other women out there like me. Women that just want to please God. Women that are willing to be 100% real about their sins, flaws, thoughts, but are willing to allow God to come in and change them. If you are anything like me, hopefully something you see ministers to your spirit too & our minds can be renewed together.  We aren’t perfect, but God thinks we’re worth it. Cheers to the rainbows!Image